​Standard $225

​Standard $190

Ceramic $160

Purchase front two windows only.

Book an appointment with TGoTinting using SetMore

​Standard $255

Gift certificates do not come with an appointment to get your windows tinted. You must call us and we will gladly set you one.

Standard $100

Purchase 2 door car or truck tinting. Some 2 doors have an upcharge such as Corvettes. Includes 6 inch strip.

​​5520 Fern Valley Rd Suite 113
Louisville KY 40228

Purchase SUV or station wagon tinting.

​Includes 6 inch strip.

Purchase 4 door car or truck tinting.

​Includes 6 inch strip

​Ceramic $325

​The Art of Tinting.

​Ceramic $290

Ceramic $355

Gift cards are perfect for those loved ones who love their car (or hate the heat). With busy schedules it's sometimes hard to get things done on their special day or holiday. Instead, you can surprise them with a gift card with no stress on your end!

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